Our vision is to connect childern with good family values of faith, hope, and love and help rescue children from human trafficing with the profit of this film project.

“above the clouds”

The first production is a series of short, computer-generated, animated films addressed to children. The idea for such films came to producer Stefan Driess while he was helping street children in India. The main characters of the first episode of a series of short films reflect different child personalities and how they live in their own unique environment. The story itself as well as the movie script is created to appeal to an international multicultural audience of all ages.

 As the project has been developed the universe it is set in really took on a world of its own! Creators have long been quoted as saying similar things of massively successful projects, and this is no different. What is unique is that after a while, a project can begin to drive itself, take on a mind of its own in the creative process and momentum begins to mount. Even to a place where this entire alternate universe has been created and seems real, and alive, which is a strange dissidence for most creators with the fictional worlds they create. The world of Euphoria and surrounding kingdoms have weight and meaning, with sets of characters unique to each land.

How did this get started? Nearly 20 years ago the idea was planted in Stefan Driess`s heart, with a simple question:

“Where do balloons go when they go up into the sky?” That thought was taken from one step to another, creating a fantasy world where a floating kingdom above the clouds was born. In many ways the symbolism between heaven
and earth is present with a kingdom in the sky, but with something that everyone loves and can see – balloons!

As a team, it is important to us to show the progress of the story and its characters. This journey is very valuable for
us, because we were able to experience how everything was brought to life. We would like to share these special
experiences and moments with our community and the fans of our series in order to illustrate our project to them
and to receive impulses. We also want to make new friends.

In order to continue, we need support from our community to finalize the first full episode of 24 minutes.

This pilot episode will be completed in 2020, and then we intend to bring the series to well-known platforms, with meetings already on for Netflix, and access to HULU and Amazon Prime Video as well as submitting to different Animation Film Festivals and shown to different TV on Demand and Movie Companies.The aim is to raise interest and have a media outlet order the complete first season or series of short films to be delivered at a regular interval, according to the requirements of the purchasers.

We would like to give the public the chance to be part of this exciting project and we hope you will consider giving us your support. Thank you so much!

The story seeks to bring hope and positive life perspectives to uprooted and suffering children, children with concerns and children from different cultural or social backgrounds. 

In a time in which worldwide many children suffer, we like to remind them that there is a Creator God who watches over them. 

And when “lost” doesn’t mean always, all is “lost.”

The story hits the pulse of our challenging time. Children should be encouraged through the Scripture-based teaching of values and principles for life in their development. 

Live is an adventure to be celebrated. 

These adventures are packed with high creativity in bright colors, a lot of fun and high voltage.

The project began as “Balloons”. When it progressed and intellectual property and other factors had to be taken into consideration, the team realized a name-change was necessary. Nathan had the sudden idea, “Why not Balloonites?” Balloonite would mean a citizen of the Balloon Kingdom! The inspiration came from various directions, but one of them being that Nathan lived in the Seattle-area for most of his life and people of Seattle are called Seattilites which is to be a native inhabitant of Seattle. After doing searches for the name in professional circles, and checking with friends, loved ones, and of course, other children, the name began to sink in, and stick more and more. The name has this really cool ring to it, and even with the sense that balloons are quite fragile, their name gives them this sort of bullet-proof toughness added to their feel.

Into the Valley of Shadows

Into the Valley of Shadows The first episode is centered around the main character, Lissi, who lives in a beautiful kingdom called Euphoria ruled
by a kindly prince, a white-winged horse. Lissi with her best friend Charlie and two other balloon friends, Billy and Jerri, decides to fly into forbidden airspace to rescue some lost children. As the four friends enter the Shadow Lands, they begin to realize how foolish they have been. Instead of colors and lights, this country is full of grey clouds and dead trees. Instead of friends like Mister Wind, there are flying, prickly blowfisch (Busters) and huge stinger wasps (Stings). Instead of the white horse, there is a wicked bat-lord who wants to pop the life out of them (Lord Dulldrum). Faced with such terrifying enemies, Lissi and her friends suddenly realize that the Prince`s warnings were not made to spoil their fun. They were all too real. Have Lissi and her friend learned this too late? Will they be lost in the Shadow Lands like the others?